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Steve on CNBC

As I am just learning to use the software I took it only on SIM, but I have to say that I was blown away by the results. It was profitable right from the start, and quickly moved up 80 ticks to the minimum wave C projection - one of the most perfect trades I have ever seen. Congratulations on putting together an amazing trading methodology and software

Richard, Private Trader

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Steve Griffiths - live on CNBC TV, March 2003

During March 2003 Steve Griffiths made a number of appearances on CNBC Europe, looking at and analyzing the European and US markets. As an example of how MTPredictor has performed in the past, this page features some clips from Steve's appearances to show how some of his live calls on the markets turned out. As we always point out, however, MTPredictor is designed for the business of trading rather than forecasting...these are cases of preparing in advance. This was live television, so these were actual predictions made at the time - without the benefit of hindsight!

Example 1: S&P 500® Futures

When Steve appeared on Wednesday March 5 2003, he used the software to suggest that the S&P had just made a Wave (4) high and would continue to decline into at least the first projected Wave 5 WPT target. Using the MTPredictor program, he projected this support level to be 790 - 799 on the (Mar) contract.

Please click on the links below to view the video clip

To see the result of this example, and for Steve's next appearance two weeks later (Wednesday March 19 2003), please see the video clip below:

As you can see, the software helped nail the exact low in the S&P over one week in advance !


Example 2: FTSE-100® Futures (UK stock market)

When Steve appeared on Wednesday March 19 2003, he used the software to predict that the FTSE had made an important Wave (5) low on Mar 12, and that the initial rally off this low was nearing an end. He anticipated that once this initial rally was complete, traders should be ready for an ABC corrective decline into a Wave (2orB) low. To look for a potential long position to take advantage if the FTSE made a Wave (3) or (C) rally following the completion of the anticipated Wave (2orB) low.

Please click on the links below to view the video clip:

A few weeks later, this is exactly what happened. The FTSE made an ABC correction that stopped precisely at the Typical Wave C WPT with a blue, buy trade set-up bar. This was a ideal Type 1 trade set-up.

The software prepared you nearly two weeks in advance for this potential long trade.


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