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Steve Griffiths

"I been a professional trader for 14 years and Hedge Fund manager for 2 years. I have seen tons of dubious methods and systems come and go over the years. But I'm very pleased with the way that you've been able to quantify and deploy a very simple yet effective method for trading on the right side of the risk/reward proposition"

Todd, Hedge Fund Manager

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About Steve Griffiths

Steve Griffiths started professional life as a Mechanical Engineer qualified to U.K. degree level. Dissatisfied with engineering, he left the engineering profession in 1988. 

Over years of research (combining his engineering and mathematical background) into trading programs and techniques, Steve realized that although many complicated analysis techniques were freely available, typically they promised more than they delivered. A simpler, consistently focused approach was needed.

As time went on, Steve became more involved in supporting other traders, especially trying to trade Elliott waves - in particular, running the Advanced GET™ usergroup in 1997-1999. Steve also represented both Advanced GET and Dynamic Trader in the U.K., and wrote trading reports for Dynamic Trader in 1999-2000. 

Over time Steve's aim was to discover a simple, and easy to use process. It was by stripping away over-complicated analysis, avoiding forecasting that such an approach began to emerge. Going back to basics, the aim was clear:

  • allowing trade entry with a small, controlled risk.
  • then applying Position Sizing.
  • With the aim of being able to quickly and easily assess the Risk/Reward of the Trade setup.


In 2001 Steve Griffiths released the MTPredictor™ software program. Trade identification, risk analysis, position-sizing, trade management and ease-of-use are the main focus of MTPredictor. Many software programs offer a plethora of analysis tools and techniques. However, Steve believes that the most important aspect of trading is a simple, tight approach. The ability to identify a tradable opportunity that allows entry into the market with a small controlled risk, backed by a strong Risk/Reward profile, is paramount.

MTPredictor allows the trader to focus entirely on low risk/high return trade opportunities without the confusion caused by other technical approaches.


Steve Griffiths has written and contributed articles to many publications and associations, including Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities™ (US) and the Society of Technical Analysts (UK).

He has appeared as a guest presenter on CNBC Europe television, please click here to see some of Steve's live calls using the MTPredictor software program..
Steve Griffiths has also presented many trading and teaching Seminars.

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