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"Steve: Over my dead and dying body, could you ever take this software out my hands. I have paid for my software both EOD and RT, in my first month. I truly think my eternal search is now over. I have found the holy grail"

Jeff, Private Trader

VS Software

VS or high Volume Spike Analysis is a great tool for the Advanced MTPredictor user, as it identifies a shift in the Professional Buying/Selling at critical points in the market.


VS or high volume spike analysis involves looking for a high volume spike that has breached an important high or low. We then look for an MTPredictor coloured reversal bar at DP (Decision Point) support or resistance for the trade entry. Oscillator divergence at the set-up is a bonus.


Here is a great example on the 3min TF (US E-mini Russell 2000 index future), click on the chart to enlarge:

Here we have the Russell index make new highs on a wide range day with a high volume VS bar. The next bar was a red (sell) bar that unfolded right at DP resistance. This was  perfect MTPredictor VS trade setup.


Okay, let's see how the setup unfolded, click on the chart to enlarge:

As you can see, this nailed the high of the day as the Russell declined sharply into the close for an approximate +8R profit.


If you would like more information, please see these two Help Videos, showing how easy it is to find these set-ups in MTPredictor

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