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Trade Module (NT 7/8)

Thanks Steve. Thank you for this massive + 29R today on $/Yen on 3 min chart. This was possible with the market analyzer of Ninja Trader which allows me to follow several currencies at the same time. The set up was a standard TS3... But I chose not to close the trade on first target as the DP support on 15 min chart was not yet touched. When this DP on 15 min chart was reached, we were already on strong STF in 3 min.... So I let the trade follow its way until I was stopped with a 29R profit!!!!!!


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Trade Module for NinjaTrader 7/8

Place and manage your MTPredictor trades quickly and efficiently on the NinjaTrader 7 and 8 platform.....

The MTPredictor Trade Module has been designed specifically for the MTPredictor trader to help them place their trades quickly and manage them easily and efficiently.


Features Table

MTPredictor Trade Module Features By NinjaTrader Edition

Feature NinjaTrader Direct NinjaTrader Standard
Automatic position sizing and risk reward Yes Yes
One click execution of entry orders Yes Yes
Manually override position sizing Yes Yes
Automatic placement of stop loss and profit target orders Yes Yes
Configurable Entry Order Type Yes Yes
OCO (One cancels other) for stop loss and profit target orders No Yes
Synchronize open positions based on updated analysis and adjust/update stop loss and profit target orders Yes Yes
Close position Yes Yes
Move stop loss to breakeven Yes Yes
ATR Trailing Stop No Yes
Bar Trailing Stop No Yes
Automatic Breakeven Stop at open profit level No Yes
Automatic Trade Management based on STF Strength No Yes


Many brokers offer a feature-restricted version of NinjaTrader free of charge to their customers as a live trading platform. This version of NinjaTrader, known as “NinjaTrader Direct Edition”, contains limited functionality and does not support features as automated trading, advanced trade management, one-cancels-other (OCO) order bracketing and others. Therefore, in order to remain compliant with the NinjaTrader licensing model, we are forced to restrict certain advanced features in the software from being available in NinjaTrader Direct Edition. For more information on NinjaTrader licensing, please visit

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