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12 Reasons to Upgrade

This is the first software that I have found in over 10 years that has help me control my losses. Now with the software and trainings, I am having large wins and smaller losses. Thank You Steve and John.

Rosemarie, Private Trader

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A dozen reasons to upgrade into the new MTPredictor v7.5

  • Symbols lists, creating symbols lists makes it easier to follow your own markets.
  • Scanner – easier and quicker to use, Symbol lists makes loading Scanner items quick, fats and easy.
  • Loading Charts are faster and easier, load directly from the Scanner.
  • New Symbol Manager, all the common symbols are pre-build into MTPredictor
  • New look tabs, organize your charts and Scanner the way you wish.
  • Multi-Monitor support, drag individual Charts, Scanner or even entire Workspaces onto separate Monitors
  • New Themes, change the look and feel of your Charts easy.
  • New Chart Drawing tools, easy and intuitive to use
  • New Alerts
  • Multicurrency support, keeps your initial risk constant no matter what currency the market you are trading is priced in.
  • New Data Feeds, including free Broker Feeds
  • Many other new features and enhancements, for example international region support, in fact there are too many new features to list all of them here and we are adding more new features all the time, please see the help videos for more information

MTPredictor v7.5 is a completely new program that has been written form the ground up with the sole aim of being faster and much easier to use.

Here are what some MTPredictor v7.5 users are saying

  • “I have to say  congratulations on  version 7.5.  In particular, the scanner looks like an ideal tool to use all day “
  • “I also wanted to let you know of the positives of 7.5 that I like.  I really appreciate the scanner.  This seems to be the major improvement vs. 6.5.  I like how the scanner is always running.  I like it much better than the 6.5 scanner.”
  • “I love the new MTPredictor v7.5, the software looks sharper as far as the charts, etc.”
  • “I have been using MTPredictor v7.5 for a while, and I love the way it is much faster that the old v6.5”
  • “Wow, the new MTP v7.5 is so much easier to use, the Symbol Manager and lists makes organizing lists so easy”
  • “ I just love the new MTP v7.5, I use it everyday”
  • “Thank you for all your hard work on MTPredictor v7.5 Beta, I can see that you have put in a lot of hard work, and it has certainly paid off, the program is fast and easy to use, just what I need as an active trader.”

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